Sunday 9 September at 3.30PM:

LJO Vortex Sessions--Kenny Wheeler Feature

'Long Suite 2005' just bursts with melodic invention. Kenny Wheeler was a founder member of the orchestra....what was fascinating about this gig was to hear the music start to move away from him."

The London Jazz Orchestra opens its new season at the Vortex featuring Kenny Wheeler's Long Suite 2005, written for his 75th birthday tour.  Kenny's lyrical writing has been a huge influence on the band since its formation in 1991, and the LJO still sets the pace for performing new, engaging, cutting edge jazz written by its member-soloists.  Its season opener accompanies Kenny's suite with new music by Henry Lowther, Scott Stroman, Alcyona Mick and others.

Reviews of the LJO...

...on the Saberton Album, the band's new CD release on Babel Label:

"This album is at its best when the London Jazz Orchestra unpick the majesty of Saberton’s written music. It was written for these players, and theirs is the sound which Saberton held in his mind."....

...in Kenny Wheeler's Windmill Tilter at Wavendon:

"probably British jazz gig of the year"....

"From the first notes, the band presented a spine-tingling version of Windmill Tilter which even to those very familiar with this suite was hugely gratifying..."   

...on the LJO's Gil Evans centenary performance of Miles Ahead: "...This concert will affect how I listen to orchestral music for the rest of my life."


The London Jazz Orchestra

Director          Scott Stroman

Saxes/Winds   Martin Speake, Martin Hathaway, Pete Hurt,

                      Josephine Davies, Mick Foster

Trumpets        Noel Langley, Henry Lowther, Robbie Robson, Jim Davidson

Trombones      Martin Gladdish, Patrick Hayes, Tom Dunnett, Richard Henry (bass)

Piano              Alcyona Mick                   Guitar   Stuart Hall  

Bass               Alec Dankworth                Drums   Paul Clarvis